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StreamWare Show You How To Get Free Instagram Followers

Whether you’re a startup business or an aspiring influencer, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram can do wonders for your brand and your image. In our digital age, we take advantage of platforms like these to tell our stories, connect with people, do business and to share our messages to a global audience. Promoting our content and products have been made easy thanks to the power of social media. Now, more and more people have joined the trend and are using social networking apps to become famous. 
However, it’s not that easy and your rise from 0 to hero might not always be as instant as you would like. Maybe you’ve already had an Instagram account for years, and the only followers you still have are your close friends and family, maybe throw in a few random people that don’t even like your photos when you post them. Maybe you’re looking through your followers’ accounts and wonder: how do they get so many followers?
​Well, lucky for you we’re here to share a few tips to help get free Instagram followers


People love a stunning ig feed. Nothing attracts followers more than a well organized and aesthetically pleasing feed that makes them want to keep scrolling. What’s great about collecting pictures for your page is that you can post a picture about almost anything—a building, your dinner, the sky, a potato, the stain on the wall—anything! The hard part is organizing your feed so it follows a theme. Some people use photo presets, available in photography apps such as VSCO. But there’s no harm in using the filters on Instagram to edit your photos. After all, a little filter goes a long way!



When it’s #NationalPancakeDay, post about the mouth-watering blueberry pancakes you just had this morning. When it’s #NationalSiblingDay, make sure to tag your brother or sister in the photo you’re posting. Take advantage of #ThrowbackThursday and post the goofiest photo of you back in kindergarten or the cutest baby picture of you in pajamas. Most people are likely to follow the trending hashtags, so make sure they see you and your posts by joining the fun.


When we say get creative, we don’t just mean using photoshop to spice up your photos. You can also get creative in typing up your hashtags. #DontBeAfraidToGetCreativeWithYourHashtags. See? It’s easy. Of course, it also helps to use the common hashtags that people search for, but come on, it’s your account too. #HashtagAllYouWant. Right?


This is particularly important for business and brands. Let’s say you created a hashtag for your brand and you post your content with that hashtag. That’s great! Your Instagram followers are likely to catch up on it if you keep using it, but what about your followers on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites? Make sure your followers see your hashtag everywhere—on your ads, your posts, your receipts, your products.


One way to connect with your followers and gain more is to post instagram stories. This content vanishes in 24 hours, so make sure your followers see something worth their time. What’s cool is that you can use filters and other tools to decorate and even engage your followers in questionnaires, polls, countdowns and many more! You can also post IG live videos, which are longer than regular Instagram stories, if you want to show more of your creative and interesting content.


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There are lots of websites and apps that offer to increase your follower count and help you gain more likes. Websites like SOCIALCORD can help you gain up to 40k real followers instantly. In three easy steps, you can set how many followers you want to gain and how long you want it to take (so, you know, people won’t get a little suspicious that you gained so much overnight). The best thing about it is that it’s completely free and safe. You don’t need to worry about jeopardizing your account or getting banned because SOCIALCORD guarantees the safety of your account. No need to give away important information such as your password, location or your credit card number. Just complete the steps and you’ll get real followers added to your account. And because these are real people with real accounts, you can be sure to gain more likes whenever you post.

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So, whether you’re aspiring to be noticed by the world or if you want to spread the news about your business, remember that social media is a powerful tool to make your name known. Getting people to follow you may not be as easy as it sounds, but once you follow our tips, you’re guaranteed to get your account the attention it deserves!

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5 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Following

There is so much you are missing out on if you haven’t yet joined Instagram! Not only is it an exciting photo and video-sharing social networking application, but a compelling platform that big names and brands are taking advantage of to boost their market appeal. The secret to enjoying the best experience on Instagram is to have an immense number of followers. The problem is things have changed and earning followers isn’t as easy as it used to be. You need a fresh and creative approach to earn real and worthwhile followers. Don’t be duped into paying for followers; the following are the top strategies that will earn free followers for Instagram


Getting free Instagram followers is as easy as visiting This is an interesting site that simplifies your search for more followers. All you need to do is follow a quick 3-step guide and voila! You’ll be asked to ask to submit your Instagram username then choose the number of followers you are looking to gain in the provided drop-down list. The last and easiest step is clicking the “submit” button before the site’s algorithm plays its part to earn you relevant followers. However, you may be required to complete a simple survey to confirm that you are not a robot and don’t even worry about breaking your back. SocialEnablers is a convenient social networking tool that ensures you safely gain up to 50,000 genuine and relevant followers to your Instagram account at completely no cost.

Use filters and apps

Do you know what made Instagram stand out as a popular social site in the first place? Filters! It gave users the opportunity to personalize their images and make them more attractive to anybody who gets to view them. You have no reason whatsoever not to use filters, especially when there are almost 20 filters provided by the app. They ensure that the photos posted on your account are on fleek at all times and captivating to viewers. This will increase the incentive for anybody who comes across them to follow your account and share your images. Additionally, you can also take advantage of the many photo-editing apps available just to be sure all your photos are perfectly spiced-up before uploading them on Instagram.

Complete your bio

Your bio is a crucial part of your Instagram account that introduces you to a potential follower. It should, in fact, be creatively used to feature a call-to-action with branded hashtags and relevant links. This is a big deal when it comes to earning new subscribers because it is the point where they get to know about you, your brand, and the value they’ll get in following your account. Nevertheless, remember not to sound too needy on your bio. Avoid pleading and comments that come across as being desperate. You want users to have a bonafide reason for following you to ensure that they’ll be genuine and that they’ll like, share, or comment on most if not all your Instagram updates.

Use popular and relevant hashtags


Hashtags are an essential asset when it comes to attracting new users on the Gram. You want to use them creatively in a way that will be interesting to potential followers. Look for popular hashtags to organize your photos and use relevant hashtags that are currently trending to improve the visibility of what your photo and videos. This will generate more interest and interaction to your account, with the likelihood of more people following you. You can search on Webstagram, Google or use Instagram autocomplete to find these popular hashtags and those relevant to the industry you are in. However, avoid going overboard when using them by posting too many or too lengthy hashtags.

Post relatable images and videos

If you look at the most followed accounts on Instagram, you’ll realize that most of them have a common theme. The images and videos posted on these accounts are those that people can relate to and develop a connection with. They are unique, original, and bring out the personality of the user. The best route to entice followers is by finding a way to connect with your audience at a personal level. In a nutshell, what you need to do is ensure that your account is original and authentic. Consider sharing behind the scenes photos and videos that describe your life or work and the process involved in creating your brand.

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The Top 10 Tips To Gaining Tons Of Instagram Followers

Get TONS Of Instagram Followers Today!

Instagram has quickly outgrown its initial impression of being a fun social app for teens into becoming a serious product marketing, audience building and even networking tool for most brands and individuals. Instagram is among the top most known and used social media platforms in the world today, having over 200 million subscribers in a month actively sharing over 60 million pictures and 1.5 billion likes in a day.

In the following article, we walk you through the top 10 tips to get more Instagram followers and the best strategies to use when exploring Instagram so as to make your product more popular.

1. Use a unique and attractive hashtag

Depending on the industry you want to venture into, there are available common Instagram hashtags which can always be used so as to achieve more visibility for your photos. The best method of discovering the most common hashtags for your business is to get help from Google. A quick search on Google will give you all the info you need know on the top hashtags of the different businesses ventures.

2. Interact Consistently with your followers

Once you have a good number of followers, don’t shy from interacting with them. Stay engaged! Continuously keep posting impressive content on your wall for your followers to view to keep them interested in you and your business. Avoid posting random posts, i.e. once in a while or even ten posts at a go. That’s an inconsistency!

3. Upload High-Quality Photos Only

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When it’s about gaining followers on Instagram naturally, you’ll need to always post on good quality pictures in order to catch peoples’ attention to your profile. Instagram has got quite a good collection of editing capabilities and filters and tools to help your photos look visually spectacular.

4. Create an Instagram contest

Coming up with an Instagram contest is also among the most effective ways of boosting your Instagram engagement and getting more new followers quickly. Since its rise in popularity, Instagram is the best platforms on the social web in running a contest.

5. Take advantage of the bio URL.

Your bio URL is the jackpot to opening up more to followers on your business site. Instagram lets you link your business website to your official Instagram page. You can modify the link whenever you want. Think link will also let you drive more traffic to your site.

6. Share teasers

For product-based enterprises, you can always upload quality photos to your page featuring teasers of an upcoming product or that is almost being released to the market or upcoming exciting events around the corner. Teaser pictures are a great tool for keeping followers interested and to what you have to provide.

7. Use ProjectInsta


ProjectInsta is a website which allows people to get followers on Instagram completely free of charge! By using the site you can get yourself up to 80,000 followers sent directly to your account, the service is safe and secure and they will never ask for any personal details such as your password, go give them a try today

8. Remain Interesting to your followers with first-hand information

Consistency in Instagram is definitely inevitable. However, if it’s lacking relevance and harmony of content, it will result in information overload or even be spamming. Keep your Instagram frequency consistent and accurate.

9. Go deeper in influencer marketing.

Keep tabs with the profiles of every person who you have acknowledged as a vital influencer in your space (a person that inspires the competitors you want to overtake) and “Turn on” their post notifications so as to always be notified whenever they post new content. You will also be able to interact with these influencers on a regular basis.

10. Take advantage of Free Instagram tools

Instagram provides free analytic tools for its business profiles; you can wisely take advantage of these tools in marketing your services and products. For instance, the “insights”, the analytical tool gives you access to the engagement data. In the case your Instagram account was initially created a personal account, you can switch it up to have a business profile.

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StreamWare-Dev – The creation of GrabFreeFollowers

Social media has never been more popular! Instagram, as one of the most professional and approved social networks today, offers all these great features, but one thing you must have in order to be a real part of the platform is to have an increase in those numbers. Yes, we are talking about the followers! There are plenty of tips on the Internet, on how to get there, but we could all agree following those tips is a long haul to the top. And, they don’t even work out for everyone. Plus, you wanted to easily get those followers from the very beginning. Now after trying a few apps you felt like there is nothing that can be done, because you’ve been treated bad. Liars and scams everywhere! But don’t worry, we got it all figured out. How At first, we felt frustrated and couldn’t cope with what was happening to you guys. So, yes, we did it just for you! No more scams and fake sites to get what you’ve been trying to for so long! Time is precious and we admire your enthusiasm to seize every opportunity as soon as possible. That is why we are proud of us and our golden child, the best software for free followers on Instagram – Grab free followers.

GrabFreeFollowers Logo

Our team at streamware-dev is behind the code of this software and we can assure you that this is the real deal. It is very simple and easy to use and it doesn’t cost you anything! It is completely free of charge and it gets you, or as we love to say – grabs you, up to 50,000 Instagram followers! The mere simplicity in this is that we need only your username, the number of the followers you want to get and how fast or slowly you want it done! It’s up to you, if you don’t want that many followers, you get to choose the exact number you do want. And, we made sure that you have an option not to be suspicious with getting these super-high numbers in a minute and supply you with the followers slowly, in a few days or weeks.

Now, we are well aware that you had put your trust in so many software packages and programs before and all of them turned out bad. It is understandable why now it’s hard to believe in anything else. But, give us a try and we promise you won’t be disappointed. We can guarantee you this because we don’t need your password, so you can be secure on that strand and we use legal methods and 256bit encryption, so that you will receive the followers via private proxy connection. Plus, we are not getting any money from you, so you know that this is not just another theft.

Don’t sit around wasting the time of your life! Grab this amazing opportunity and be ahead of your time! Avoid all the hassle the mortals must go through and rise before them! This is your moment and don’t let it slip away. Be an influencer and start-off your mission with a little help from us. We believe that making your dream true should be instant and that’s why we stand behind you, just as we stand behind the code for Grab free followers.

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The best applications we have ever coded – FREE to download

The best applications we have coded

Salutations developers, music lovers and those traversing the high seas of the internet!

As we all know, good software doesn’t come from wishful thinking, but from the need. We have dedicated our work to help professionals and enthusiasts with their troubles with converting the plethora of different formats into others. Here at, we come up with solutions.

How? With one click.

Our software is designed to do what software is meant to do, save your time, energy and nerves, with our set of converters, burners, rippers, and writers that all function on easy to use principles. Our mission is to make fast, reliable and user-friendly software and to let you enjoy your media any way you want.

To take our One-click Multimedia Jukebox for example. It doesn’t care what formats are you using and will provide you with any format that you prefer. You will not need to segregate your favorite music or movies into different folders and different playlists or to use multiple complex programs to convert them all into one format, that will forbid them from working on other devices. Keep all of your media together, and then, when you need it, burn it do a CD or DVD or make it into an ISO image for both storage and sharing.

ISO Ripper/Burner

With the invention of P2P sites that provide sharing large amounts of data online, ISO format has become one of the key formats being exchanged and downloaded. And while sharing has never been easier, we at have noticed that creating and ripping the image from any drive has never been harder. With multiple formats and varying sizes, you are usually forced to prepare your media long in advance of burning down the ISO image to a CD or DVD or just storing it locally as a CUE file.

With One-Click ISO Ripper and Burner you don’t need an advanced knowledge of formatting and converting, but you need three things:

· Your favorite media that you want to burn or rip

· A mouse or a trackpad with the ability to click

· A finger, or any similar utility tool, to be able to click, once

If you have these recommended requirements you will be able to easily enjoy, share and make copies of your favorite media.

FLAC, OGG and APE converter

There is a simple answer why do we keep our music in FLAC format. It sounds better.

Lossless sound quality provided only by the CDs that have only one album on them is really something a true music lover can appreciate. The problem comes when you want to take your music with you and neither your 8gb card can take in more than 250 songs, nor can the speakers and earbuds do the sound justice. That is why many people opt to convert their on-the-go music to mp3. one-click software integrates to your OS and gives you the ability to convert your media right where they are, on the spot, with one click.

Ringtone converter

Our ringtone converter is something that few know that they need until they need it. It easily converts all audio media into ringtone music for your phone, whatever the phone is.

With our software, you can make your smartphone ring like an old analog phone, and the old landline plays the Bohemian Rhapsody.

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