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StreamWare Show You How To Get Free Instagram Followers

Whether you’re a startup business or an aspiring influencer, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram can do wonders for your brand and your image. In our digital age, we take advantage of platforms like these to tell our stories, connect with people, do business and to share our messages to a global audience. Promoting our content and products have been made easy thanks to the power of social media. Now, more and more people have joined the trend and are using social networking apps to become famous. 
However, it’s not that easy and your rise from 0 to hero might not always be as instant as you would like. Maybe you’ve already had an Instagram account for years, and the only followers you still have are your close friends and family, maybe throw in a few random people that don’t even like your photos when you post them. Maybe you’re looking through your followers’ accounts and wonder: how do they get so many followers?
​Well, lucky for you we’re here to share a few tips to help get free Instagram followers


People love a stunning ig feed. Nothing attracts followers more than a well organized and aesthetically pleasing feed that makes them want to keep scrolling. What’s great about collecting pictures for your page is that you can post a picture about almost anything—a building, your dinner, the sky, a potato, the stain on the wall—anything! The hard part is organizing your feed so it follows a theme. Some people use photo presets, available in photography apps such as VSCO. But there’s no harm in using the filters on Instagram to edit your photos. After all, a little filter goes a long way!



When it’s #NationalPancakeDay, post about the mouth-watering blueberry pancakes you just had this morning. When it’s #NationalSiblingDay, make sure to tag your brother or sister in the photo you’re posting. Take advantage of #ThrowbackThursday and post the goofiest photo of you back in kindergarten or the cutest baby picture of you in pajamas. Most people are likely to follow the trending hashtags, so make sure they see you and your posts by joining the fun.


When we say get creative, we don’t just mean using photoshop to spice up your photos. You can also get creative in typing up your hashtags. #DontBeAfraidToGetCreativeWithYourHashtags. See? It’s easy. Of course, it also helps to use the common hashtags that people search for, but come on, it’s your account too. #HashtagAllYouWant. Right?


This is particularly important for business and brands. Let’s say you created a hashtag for your brand and you post your content with that hashtag. That’s great! Your Instagram followers are likely to catch up on it if you keep using it, but what about your followers on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites? Make sure your followers see your hashtag everywhere—on your ads, your posts, your receipts, your products.


One way to connect with your followers and gain more is to post instagram stories. This content vanishes in 24 hours, so make sure your followers see something worth their time. What’s cool is that you can use filters and other tools to decorate and even engage your followers in questionnaires, polls, countdowns and many more! You can also post IG live videos, which are longer than regular Instagram stories, if you want to show more of your creative and interesting content.


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There are lots of websites and apps that offer to increase your follower count and help you gain more likes. Websites like SOCIALCORD can help you gain up to 40k real followers instantly. In three easy steps, you can set how many followers you want to gain and how long you want it to take (so, you know, people won’t get a little suspicious that you gained so much overnight). The best thing about it is that it’s completely free and safe. You don’t need to worry about jeopardizing your account or getting banned because SOCIALCORD guarantees the safety of your account. No need to give away important information such as your password, location or your credit card number. Just complete the steps and you’ll get real followers added to your account. And because these are real people with real accounts, you can be sure to gain more likes whenever you post.

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So, whether you’re aspiring to be noticed by the world or if you want to spread the news about your business, remember that social media is a powerful tool to make your name known. Getting people to follow you may not be as easy as it sounds, but once you follow our tips, you’re guaranteed to get your account the attention it deserves!