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5 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Following

There is so much you are missing out on if you haven’t yet joined Instagram! Not only is it an exciting photo and video-sharing social networking application, but a compelling platform that big names and brands are taking advantage of to boost their market appeal. The secret to enjoying the best experience on Instagram is to have an immense number of followers. The problem is things have changed and earning followers isn’t as easy as it used to be. You need a fresh and creative approach to earn real and worthwhile followers. Don’t be duped into paying for followers; the following are the top strategies that will earn free followers for Instagram


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Use filters and apps

Do you know what made Instagram stand out as a popular social site in the first place? Filters! It gave users the opportunity to personalize their images and make them more attractive to anybody who gets to view them. You have no reason whatsoever not to use filters, especially when there are almost 20 filters provided by the app. They ensure that the photos posted on your account are on fleek at all times and captivating to viewers. This will increase the incentive for anybody who comes across them to follow your account and share your images. Additionally, you can also take advantage of the many photo-editing apps available just to be sure all your photos are perfectly spiced-up before uploading them on Instagram.

Complete your bio

Your bio is a crucial part of your Instagram account that introduces you to a potential follower. It should, in fact, be creatively used to feature a call-to-action with branded hashtags and relevant links. This is a big deal when it comes to earning new subscribers because it is the point where they get to know about you, your brand, and the value they’ll get in following your account. Nevertheless, remember not to sound too needy on your bio. Avoid pleading and comments that come across as being desperate. You want users to have a bonafide reason for following you to ensure that they’ll be genuine and that they’ll like, share, or comment on most if not all your Instagram updates.

Use popular and relevant hashtags


Hashtags are an essential asset when it comes to attracting new users on the Gram. You want to use them creatively in a way that will be interesting to potential followers. Look for popular hashtags to organize your photos and use relevant hashtags that are currently trending to improve the visibility of what your photo and videos. This will generate more interest and interaction to your account, with the likelihood of more people following you. You can search on Webstagram, Google or use Instagram autocomplete to find these popular hashtags and those relevant to the industry you are in. However, avoid going overboard when using them by posting too many or too lengthy hashtags.

Post relatable images and videos

If you look at the most followed accounts on Instagram, you’ll realize that most of them have a common theme. The images and videos posted on these accounts are those that people can relate to and develop a connection with. They are unique, original, and bring out the personality of the user. The best route to entice followers is by finding a way to connect with your audience at a personal level. In a nutshell, what you need to do is ensure that your account is original and authentic. Consider sharing behind the scenes photos and videos that describe your life or work and the process involved in creating your brand.