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The best applications we have coded

Salutations developers, music lovers and those traversing the high seas of the internet!

As we all know, good software doesn’t come from wishful thinking, but from the need. We have dedicated our work to help professionals and enthusiasts with their troubles with converting the plethora of different formats into others. Here at, we come up with solutions.

How? With one click.

Our software is designed to do what software is meant to do, save your time, energy and nerves, with our set of converters, burners, rippers, and writers that all function on easy to use principles. Our mission is to make fast, reliable and user-friendly software and to let you enjoy your media any way you want.

To take our One-click Multimedia Jukebox for example. It doesn’t care what formats are you using and will provide you with any format that you prefer. You will not need to segregate your favorite music or movies into different folders and different playlists or to use multiple complex programs to convert them all into one format, that will forbid them from working on other devices. Keep all of your media together, and then, when you need it, burn it do a CD or DVD or make it into an ISO image for both storage and sharing.

ISO Ripper/Burner

With the invention of P2P sites that provide sharing large amounts of data online, ISO format has become one of the key formats being exchanged and downloaded. And while sharing has never been easier, we at have noticed that creating and ripping the image from any drive has never been harder. With multiple formats and varying sizes, you are usually forced to prepare your media long in advance of burning down the ISO image to a CD or DVD or just storing it locally as a CUE file.

With One-Click ISO Ripper and Burner you don’t need an advanced knowledge of formatting and converting, but you need three things:

· Your favorite media that you want to burn or rip

· A mouse or a trackpad with the ability to click

· A finger, or any similar utility tool, to be able to click, once

If you have these recommended requirements you will be able to easily enjoy, share and make copies of your favorite media.

FLAC, OGG and APE converter

There is a simple answer why do we keep our music in FLAC format. It sounds better.

Lossless sound quality provided only by the CDs that have only one album on them is really something a true music lover can appreciate. The problem comes when you want to take your music with you and neither your 8gb card can take in more than 250 songs, nor can the speakers and earbuds do the sound justice. That is why many people opt to convert their on-the-go music to mp3. one-click software integrates to your OS and gives you the ability to convert your media right where they are, on the spot, with one click.

Ringtone converter

Our ringtone converter is something that few know that they need until they need it. It easily converts all audio media into ringtone music for your phone, whatever the phone is.

With our software, you can make your smartphone ring like an old analog phone, and the old landline plays the Bohemian Rhapsody.

Check out all of our products.

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