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The Top 10 Tips To Gaining Tons Of Instagram Followers

Get TONS Of Instagram Followers Today!

Instagram has quickly outgrown its initial impression of being a fun social app for teens into becoming a serious product marketing, audience building and even networking tool for most brands and individuals. Instagram is among the top most known and used social media platforms in the world today, having over 200 million subscribers in a month actively sharing over 60 million pictures and 1.5 billion likes in a day.

In the following article, we walk you through the top 10 tips to get more Instagram followers and the best strategies to use when exploring Instagram so as to make your product more popular.

1. Use a unique and attractive hashtag

Depending on the industry you want to venture into, there are available common Instagram hashtags which can always be used so as to achieve more visibility for your photos. The best method of discovering the most common hashtags for your business is to get help from Google. A quick search on Google will give you all the info you need know on the top hashtags of the different businesses ventures.

2. Interact Consistently with your followers

Once you have a good number of followers, don’t shy from interacting with them. Stay engaged! Continuously keep posting impressive content on your wall for your followers to view to keep them interested in you and your business. Avoid posting random posts, i.e. once in a while or even ten posts at a go. That’s an inconsistency!

3. Upload High-Quality Photos Only

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When it’s about gaining followers on Instagram naturally, you’ll need to always post on good quality pictures in order to catch peoples’ attention to your profile. Instagram has got quite a good collection of editing capabilities and filters and tools to help your photos look visually spectacular.

4. Create an Instagram contest

Coming up with an Instagram contest is also among the most effective ways of boosting your Instagram engagement and getting more new followers quickly. Since its rise in popularity, Instagram is the best platforms on the social web in running a contest.

5. Take advantage of the bio URL.

Your bio URL is the jackpot to opening up more to followers on your business site. Instagram lets you link your business website to your official Instagram page. You can modify the link whenever you want. Think link will also let you drive more traffic to your site.

6. Share teasers

For product-based enterprises, you can always upload quality photos to your page featuring teasers of an upcoming product or that is almost being released to the market or upcoming exciting events around the corner. Teaser pictures are a great tool for keeping followers interested and to what you have to provide.

7. Use ProjectInsta


ProjectInsta is a website which allows people to get followers on Instagram completely free of charge! By using the site you can get yourself up to 80,000 followers sent directly to your account, the service is safe and secure and they will never ask for any personal details such as your password, go give them a try today

8. Remain Interesting to your followers with first-hand information

Consistency in Instagram is definitely inevitable. However, if it’s lacking relevance and harmony of content, it will result in information overload or even be spamming. Keep your Instagram frequency consistent and accurate.

9. Go deeper in influencer marketing.

Keep tabs with the profiles of every person who you have acknowledged as a vital influencer in your space (a person that inspires the competitors you want to overtake) and “Turn on” their post notifications so as to always be notified whenever they post new content. You will also be able to interact with these influencers on a regular basis.

10. Take advantage of Free Instagram tools

Instagram provides free analytic tools for its business profiles; you can wisely take advantage of these tools in marketing your services and products. For instance, the “insights”, the analytical tool gives you access to the engagement data. In the case your Instagram account was initially created a personal account, you can switch it up to have a business profile.